Our hope is to provide resources to your facility or club no matter where you are in the reopening process. Remember that the safety our of members is of the utmost importance as we navigate this difficult time. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Please reach out to us at clubandcoach@usmastersswimming.org with any questions.

Restart Information for Clubs

If your program has not restarted yet and want to learn how to best prepare to reopen when that time comes, visit our restart guide. Indy Aquatic Masters put together a great video with instructions for their members on the new protocols.

Important Links

Update Your Club Finder Listing

Make sure your Club Finder listing is up-to-date to give your members or potential members important information about your club's current status. Include information like:

  • Facility opening date
  • New practice times
  • Links to reserve a lane
  • Open water swim details

Have your club admin make those changes in the club registration/update form.

Sample Liability Release

Here is a sample liability release that specifically addresses COVID-19 for members participating in a USMS-sanctioned or -approved activity.

Event Information

Looking for resources on when you can host your next event, what virtual events are available for your swimmers, or general event information, take a look at our event resources page.

Vaccination Guidelines

Clubs looking for recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccination policies are encouraged to review USMS's guidance.

Help for Small Businesses and Coaches

If your program is in need of financial support to stay viable, here is a list of small business resources. Coaches can also look into applying for unemployment insurance

If Your Club is Away from the Pool

We strongly encourage keeping your swimmers engaged while you're away from the pool. We've put together the following resources to promote health, well-being, and community while we eagerly await our return to normal activities. The USMS Coaches Committee and the Club and Coach Services staff are working on additional content for coaches.

Keeping your swimmers engaged while away from the pool is strongly encouraged. Consider the following resources to promote health, well-being, and community while we eagerly await our return to normal activities.

*Insurance Coverage Update*

We’ve heard from many of you about hosting virtual dryland workouts and whether the USMS insurance benefit will cover such activities. The short answer is “yes.”

All participants must be members, and the coach must be able to see and hear each person. The policy provides general liability coverage for the coach and excess accident insurance for the member. Be sure to read and be familiar with the requirements and limitations of the coverage.

Facility Maintenance

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance has recommendations for facility maintenance. It’s good to be aware of these tips and to share them with the people who care for your pool. When it’s time to get back to business, we want the water to be ready. 

Stay in Shape

  • Our member resources page has workouts and articles to help your swimmers keep fit and connected.
  • Swim.com offers suggestions on how you and your athletes can stay in shape at home. Encourage your swimmers to follow these exercises.
  • Swim Swam is posting daily dryland exercises

Stay in Touch

  • Social interaction has always been a cornerstone of our Masters swimming community. While social distancing is the current recommendation, that doesn’t need to be social- or self-isolation. Build community among your swimmers with social media platforms like Facebook. Encourage your swimmers to follow the USMS Facebook fan page, watch the same webinars (like this one on Community presented by FINIS which features Kerry O'Brien and Bill Brenner), and don’t forget your LMSC Facebook pages, too.
  • Create a website for your program using Google Sites. This platform is free, and it will allow you to personalize content for your Masters swimmers. This is especially useful for programs that are part of a larger entity like a parks and rec department or a USA Swimming program.
  • Many programs are using the Zoom video conferencing platform to stay connected. Consider hosting a virtual coffee hour, perhaps during or after your regular workout time. This is a great way for your swimmers to check in with you and each other and be able to keep up the club banter and fellowship.
  • Facebook and Instagram also have live video options. These platforms provide a way for you to encourage, inspire, or even entertain your swimmers in ways that will have them eager to return to the pool and in person.
  • Group texts are another way to keep a pulse on your group. Try WhatsApp and GroupMe (find them in your phone’s App Store) to provide added security and avoid data charges.
  • Go old school and create a phone tree for your club. Who are your lane leaders? Look to them to check in by phone with the folks who are usually in their lane. This is the time to figure out people’s needs, offer or arrange for help, or simply lend an ear and show you care.


Review and share articles posted on the usms.org website for tips on good nutrition.

Now is a good time to practice good nutritional habits that can lead to an easier transition back into the water. It’s also a great time for a recipe swap among teammates, or to put together a club cookbook. These and similar activities promote the friendships and connections Masters Swimming is famous for.

Keep Us Posted 

Many of the ideas and resources listed above are suggested and practiced by members of the USMS Coaches Committee. You can hear further details on some of these topics by listening to this recent Peer to Peer call. (You also can access the committee members’ notes. Scroll to the end to find a fun list of swimming-related books and movies.)

We want to hear from you, too. What’s working for your Masters club to stay connected? What do your swimmers need from you in these unprecedented times? And what do you need from USMS? We welcome your ideas, concerns and questions.