We at USMS know you are looking for guidance to be able to conduct safe and fun sanctioned in-person events for our members. We started implementing a phased approach to return to competition as of November 1, 2020. We understand not all LMSCs will be able to begin holding events due to state, local, and facility restrictions; however, we want those who do conduct events to plan with USMS guidelines and recommendations in place.

Phase 1 guidance is focused on in-person pool meets, which are the most likely event format to be held as USMS first returns to competition. However, the general guidelines also apply to open water events and we’ll provide additional open water updates as the 2021 season draws closer. Please contact the Open Water Coordinator if you are considering sanctioning an upcoming open water event. 


Communications and Updates

Virtual Events

Virtual events that can be completed in a workout setting (pool or open water) provide additional opportunities for USMS members to participate in competitions and fitness events, especially in areas where in-person events are not yet feasible. USMS currently plans to host the following events for members who have access to swim safely:

USMS encourages clubs and event organizers to get creative by hosting virtual pool and open water events in a variety of formats. These events can be used as fundraisers to help clubs recoup revenue lost during the shutdown. A few options: 

Important Notes

  • If you're aware of any meets that have been canceled or postponed to a future date, please contact Volunteer Services so we can assist in updating the Calendar of Events and our sanctions database.
  • Participant accident and general liability insurance will remain in place as long as USMS-approved activity guidelines are followed. See USMS insurance page for more details.

Important Links

Please continue to follow the guidelines established by local, state, and federal health officials in your area.