Get your year started right with the SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Fitness Series and the Winter Fitness Challenge, a 30-minute swim that takes place between Feb. 15-29.

The event is perfect for anyone who has set a New Year's resolution to be more active, anyone who likes a challenge, or anyone who wants to support the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation. The Winter Fitness Challenge can be done in any manner desired: straight through, as a member of a relay, or even with fins.

If you need help preparing for your swim, we have six-week training plans for all types of swimmers.

Bundle Registration and Gold Caps

You can now sign up for all three challenges in the Fitness Series at the same time! Not only will you receive a discount, but you will also receive a special gold cap in addition to the cap for each event. In order to take advantage of the bundle pricing, you need to sign up before Feb. 29. To access the bundle pricing, go through the standard Winter Fitness Challenge member registration and select the bundle. It's that easy!

Note: caps are latex. Please email if you do not wish to receive caps. 


Feb. 15-29


Check Club Finder for a club in your area, find some friends to swim with, or swim on your own. This challenge can be completed in any pool across the world!


Anyone who wants to complete this fun challenge. See the USMS member roster and nonmember roster.

Entry Fees

USMS members get a $5 discount on their entry fees. Make sure you are a member to take advantage of this discount! Join USMS here.

Member Winter Fitness Challenge price

Dec. 1–Jan. 31: $10
Feb. 1-29: $12

Member Fitness Series bundle price (includes Winter, Summer, and Fall Fitness Challenges)

Dec. 1–Jan. 31: $25
Feb. 1-29: $30

Nonmember Winter Fitness Challenge price

Dec. 1–Jan. 31: $15
Feb. 1-29: $17


Registration net proceeds the Fitness Series support the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation and swimmers can make an additional donation to SSLF during registration if desired. Clubs and individuals are also welcome to setup fundraisers for the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation or cause of their choice but would need to use a separate fundraising platform.


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