One Hour Postal

January 1 - 31, 1991
Hosted by DC Masters Swimming


5/10 K Postal

May 15 - September 30, 1991
Hosted by St. Louis Masters Swim Team


2 Mile Cable Swim

August 4, 1991
Glorietta Bay Park, Coronado, CA
Hosted by Coronado Masters Association and San Diego Imperial All Sports, Inc


1 Mile Open Water

June 16, 1991
Virginia Beach, VA
Hosted by Virginia Masters Swim Team, Inc.


6+ Mile Open Water

July 20, 1991
Seal Beach, CA
Hosted by Seal Beach Swim Club


1-3 Mile Open Water

August 11, 1991
Hamlin Beach State Park, Hamlin, NY
Hosted by Niagara District Masters Swimming and Hamlin Beach State Park


3000/6000 Yd Postal

There was no bid for the 6000 yd National Open Water Championship in 1991. The first year it was actually run was in 1992.

3-6 Mile Open Water

October 1991
San Pedro, CA
Hosted by Southern Pacific Masters Association

Results - The bid was incomplete and this event did not take place in 1991.