Try Masters Swimming is our annual campaign to introduce adults to the benefits of swimming with a USMS club. Have your club ready to host new swimmers from July 1–31.

NEW for 2022: Clubs will offer at least two FREE workouts during July instead of just one. This change was made based on survey data from both prospective swimmers and clubs showing that two or more workouts helped sell the prospective swimmer on joining the club.

How Does Try Masters Swimming Work?

USMS will run a nationwide advertising campaign June 27–July 25 targeted to people who have an interest in swimming within a roughly 10-mile radius of a participating club's location. The goal is to get them to try at least two free workouts between July 1–31.

Participating clubs have double opted in (once during club registration and once via email in the spring of 2022) to offer at least two free workouts during Try Masters Swimming. This campaign will drive potential members to our trial membership form, which will only list participating clubs. Once potential members have filled out the form and selected your club for their free workouts, an email will be sent to your club contact with their information so you can reach out to them with information about your club, when the practices are, and any special instructions. (We'll also send a confirmation email to the potential members with the club contact and coach CC'd on it as a backup, but you should reach out first.)

2022 Gold Clubs that cannot commit to participation in the 2022 Try Masters Swimming Week will lose their Gold Club Designation for the remainder of 2022.

How Can My Club Take Part?

This is what you need to do to be a part of Try Masters Swimming:

  1. Sign up to participate in Try Masters Swimming through the club registration/profile process by May 1.*
  2. Fill out the double-opt-in form sent to your club contact in May (this will ensure your club can and still will participate).
  3. We recommend picking a couple of workouts a week during July as the free workouts designed to be welcoming and fun for new swimmers or have all workouts available to new swimmers, whichever is more convenient and fits your club's structure.
  4. Promote Try Masters Swimming at your facility, and encourage your members to bring friends, family, and co-workers to a practice.
  5. Have your club contact respond within 48 hours to the potential member inquiry that will be emailed to them with the appropriate information.
  6. Create an amazing experience for potential members at your workouts.
  7. Follow up with them after their workouts.

*Participating in Try Masters Swimming is one of the Gold Club Designation criteria.


May 1 - check the Try Masters Swimming box in your club profile

May 19 - recording of the webinar about Try Masters Swimming

May 31 - last day for clubs to double opt-in

June 1 - digital toolboxes are available

June 15-20 - mailed boxes arrive for double-opted-in clubs

June 27 - promotional ads start

July 1 - Try Masters Swimming and Year-Plus membership option start

July 25 - promotional ads end

July 31 - Try Masters Swimming ends

What Resources Are Available to My Club?

On May 1, all clubs will have access to a digital toolbox that contains the following:

  1. Best practices document 
  2. Poster to hang at your facility
  3. Flyer to hang at your facility
  4. Press release to send to local media
  5. Sample website text for your club's website
  6. Email templates to potential members, your facility, and your current members
  7. Social media sharables
  8. USMS logos 

Participating clubs who requested a mailed box will also receive:

  1. USMS caps
  2. USMS T-shirts
  3. USMS bag tags
  4. USMS stickers
  5. Flyer with USMS's membership benefits
  6. Copies of SWIMMER magazine

And, as always, you can email us.

Why July?

There are many reasons this campaign takes place in July.

  1. Many seasonal pools begin opening up for the summer in late May and early June, so there will be more pools open and more space available.
  2. USMS's Year-Plus membership starts July 1. This is a $99 membership that includes the rest of 2022 and all of 2023 for a discounted price, which is attractive to new members.
  3. Surveys to participating clubs after our 2021 Try Masters Swimming campaign indicated this was the desired time frame as vacations and school schedules started to get in the way during August.

Club Contest

We are running a club contest for all double-opted-in clubs. Check out the details here.

Additional Resources

5 Ways to Promote TMS

  1. Put a flyer up at all of the aquatic facilities in your area and personally invite lap swimmers there.
  2. Ask your swimmers to share on their social media pages.
  3. Post on local community platforms (like MeetUp, NextDoor, Citysocializer, etc.).
  4. Host a clinic and invite individuals who aren't members of your program.
  5. Contact your other strategic partners, such as the local triathlon club, to participate in Try Masters Swimming.

The TMS Club Toolbox

Coming Soon