The LMSC membership coordinator is given a user ID and password to carry out registration duties using the Registration software.  Membership coordinators may not share their IDs and passwords with anyone else, as it is the sole responsibility of the membership coordinators to handle USMS registrations and personal information of their members.  New membership coordinators must sign the USMS Confidentiality Agreement available from the National Office.

The software generates and assigns a USMS ID number for each new member registered, and maintains the member’s permanent ID for renewals.  The last five characters of the number comprise the member’s permanent ID number. The software will retrieve the permanent ID for any member, nationwide, who has previously been assigned a permanent ID (to avoid generating a duplicate ID for that member).

The Registration software maintains a database for new registration of all individuals and renewals for all members who have been assigned a permanent ID. The Registration software also will register clubs and maintain a database for clubs registered since 2007.

In addition to registering members, the software contains the following features:

  1. With the adopted unified fee structure, beginning with the 2021 registration period, fees for individual, club, workout group, transfer, and age-based discounts have all been pre-populated for each LMSC within the USMS admin tools.
  2. Member accounting reports can be generated showing payment details and amounts for members registered during a specified timeframe
  3. Member rosters can be generated for an entire LMSC or for specific clubs or workout groups
  4. Mailing labels can be generated for an entire LMSC or for specific clubs or workout groups
  5. Check-off boxes for coaches and officials; opt-out boxes for email messages, sponsor postal mailings, and SWIMMER magazine (there is no discount if a member does not want the magazine).
  6. Members may designate on their registration forms a donation to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF), or their LMSC. The donations will automatically be tallied by the software in the accounting reports.
  7. For online registrations, the unified LMSC fee portion will be returned to the LMSC’s treasurer on a monthly basis.  Likewise USMS will bill the LMSC for the USMS fee and donations entered (from paper registrations) on a monthly basis.  The treasurer should distribute local LMSC donations (should they be collected) based on the monthly report of those fees that were collected.
  8. The name/abbreviation of workout groups, may be set up by the membership coordinator to appear on the right-side fold of the registration card set.
  9. The software is not able to handle one-event (OEVT) registrations and conversions. Instead, for each OEVT registration held during the month, a summary Excel spreadsheet should be sent to the National Office. The unified OEVT per participant fee will be billed to the LMSC along with the monthly invoices sent from the National Office for cash/check receipts for normal registrations. See the One Event Registrations section for information and instructions.

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