LMSCs have the option to offer one-event registrations at events sanctioned by their own LMSC.  A one-event registration provides USMS insurance coverage to a participant in one "event" (open water race or pool meet). An event that spans consecutive days, such as a two-day swim meet, counts as "one event." One-event participants pay a one-time fee. 

One-event registration is strictly for insurance coverage for the event.  One-event participants are not eligible for Event Rankings, Top 10, USMS records, or other honors (either individual or relay) achieved in that event. Per Article 306.4 of the USMS Rule Book, one-event registrations are not allowed for postal events.

A summary of the process is as follows:

  • Swimmers fill out OEVT form (during online registration or at race)
  • Race director collects forms and payments - the 2022 OEVT fee is $15 (if applicable)
    • The 2023 OEVT fee will be $20
  • Race director enters names into spreadsheet (or exports report from online entries)
  • Race director emails spreadsheet to LMSC membership coordinator
  • Race director mails paper OEVT forms and payments to membership coordinator
  • Membership coordinator emails spreadsheet to National Office
  • Membership coordinator files OEVT forms with other paper registration forms
  • National Office bills LMSC for OEVT registrations (as part of monthly registration invoicing)

If race entries are being done through an online vendor, the participants can pay for their one-event fees as part of the online entry process.  See this document for an explanation.


Member requirements:

At the race or swim meet, one-event participants must sign and date the One-Event USMS Registration Application, which must include the liability release and the member’s name, address, and date of birth. A check for $15.00, made out to the LMSC, must accompany the application. (The 2023 OEVT fee will be $20)

Event director:

  1. A one-event member may not represent any club and must be listed as “OEVT” for his club designation on the heat sheet and in the results.
  2. Use the One-Event USMS Registration Application, available from your LMSC membership coordinator.
  3. Event Directors must do due diligence to ensure that the One Event Registration form is completed with the member’s name, address, date of birth , and is signed and dated.
  4. Event directors must forward all OEVT applications to the LMSC membership coordinator at the completion of the event, along with the filled-out spreadsheet and the appropriate payment to the LMSC membership coordinator ($15 USMS unified fee for each participant - The 2023 OEVT fee will be $20).
  5. One-event participants may not swim in legal relays.
  6. Times swum by one-event participants are not eligible for USMS event rankings, Top10, or other honors.

 LMSC membership coordinator:

  1. Keep a separate file of one-event registration applications for a minimum of ten (10) years.
  2. You may choose to assign a special one-event registration number to each member and add it as a column in the example above.  As and example, XX for the LMSC ID number, Y for a year, the % sign, then a sequence, 139%-0001for LMSC 13 (NC) for the first One Event Registration in 2019.  For the registration date, use the date of the event in which the one-event member participated (use the first day’s date if the event spanned more than one day).
  3. Contact each OEVT member as soon as possible after the event.  Extend an invitation to convert their OEVT membership into a full USMS membership, with a credit for the $15.00 that was already paid for the OEVT registration. Make sure to say that this conversion is only available for 30 days after the date of the OEVT registration, and that the member will have to mail a check for the difference in price to the LMSC membership coordinator.
  4. If any members convert, register them as full members in the registration software. Take their previous $15.00 payment and include them in your registration deposit, along with the check they sent for the difference in price.
  5. After 30 days have elapsed since the event, submit the remaining OEVT registrations to the National Office by emailing the spreadsheet to volunteer@usmastersswimming.org.
  6. Do not send any money or registration forms.  The National Office will bill the LMSC as part of the monthly accounting process.
    A one-event member converting to a full membership may only do so within the same membership year.  In other words, a member could not register with a one-event membership in October, 2021, and convert that to a full 2022 membership in November, 2021 at the reduced (offset) cost for a 2022 membership. 

Suggested LMSC responsibilities:

Each one-event registrant should be provided with a packet of information to highlight the benefits of joining USMS. Included in the packet may be any of the following:

  1. Informational brochure from USMS and any material describing the LMSC’s activities (e.g., a sample newsletter or local brochure).
  2. A membership reduction coupon to be used toward offsetting the annual cost to USMS. The membership coupon would be valid for only 30 days after the date of registration, which will be indicated on the coupon by the meet director. The value of this coupon will be determined by each individual LMSC and redeemable only in the LMSC of issue.
  3. Registration form for that particular LMSC for full membership.