USMS offers a one-time digital and print 30-day trial membership for prospective members who would like to attend USMS workouts, clinics or swim lessons on a trial basis before formally joining a Masters program. This offer is limited to one trial membership per lifetime for no more than 30 consecutive days. Former USMS members are not eligible for trial memberships.

Trial members are not entitled to compete in USMS-sanctioned competitive events such as swim meets, ePostal national championships or open water races. An unregistered swimmer may separately participate in a single event via a one-event registration if the LMSC supports this optional program. See the One-Event Registration Procedure section.

All trial members are covered by the USMS participant accident insurance during their tryout period.  Because they are covered, USMS must collect and retain the trial members' biographical information and signed liability waivers.

USMS offers the trial membership at no cost for insurance purposes. The host club or facility may charge a fee to attend workouts, clinics or swim lessons.

Every trial member must complete either the online or paper trial membership form before participating in their first USMS-insured workout, clinic or swim lesson. In 2019, we began to offer a digital trial membership form to make the filling out and submission process easier. We still offer a paper trial membership registration form as well. Either form is to be used for all trial memberships in your program. The form must be completed on their first day of attendance.

  • For the digital form, once the participant submits the form, an automated confirmation email is sent to the participant, the club contact of the club they selected and the USMS national office.

  • For the paper form, the coach should retain one copy of the signed form for the club, and send the original signed form to the USMS national office (instructions are on the form). The form is two pages long; both pages must be completed and signed.


  • Trial memberships are limited to one per lifetime.
  • Trial memberships are limited to 30 consecutive days in length.
  • Trial memberships are for workouts or clinics only.
  • Trial memberships cannot be used to participate in swim meets or open water race events.
  • A trial membership provides secondary personal accident coverage to the participant while participating in the USMS activity.