This has been a popular option for swimmers registering between July and October, allowing them to sign up for USMS through the following year with a discounted rate for the remainder of the current year. It also benefits USMS clubs and coaches by driving awareness and giving them a simple message to pass along to new swimmers: Join now through next year for one fee. 

Prospective members will be offered the following unified individual membership options through Oct. 31:

  1. Membership through Dec. 31, 2022: $60
  2. Year-Plus membership through Dec. 31, 2023: $99

View screen shots of the registration process that includes the Year-Plus membership option.  

How will membership fees be distributed?

LMSCs will receive 20 percent of each membership registration within their LMSC. 2022 membership fees (both single year and Year-Plus) will be distributed monthly, and the 2023 Year-Plus membership fees will be deferred and distributed in January, after the Year-Plus conversions have been completed in December. 

  • Individual membership: $12 of the $60 individual membership
  • Year-Plus membership: $7.80 of the $39 2022 reduced membership portion and $12 of the $60 2023 membership portion for a total of $19.80.

The 2022 and 2023 unified fees (Year-Plus, individual, club, and workout group) will be pre-populated for each LMSC within the USMS admin tools. 

When will the Year-Plus members be converted?

At the beginning of December, we'll be converting those who selected the Year-Plus membership. When we do the conversion, the members will receive a "Welcome to USMS" email containing their membership number for 2023, discount codes from our partners, and other information about their USMS membership.

Year-Plus membership fees will be distributed and reflected in the December registration activity statements sent to LMSCs in January.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about the Year-Plus option, please feel free to contact Volunteer Services.