U.S. Masters Swimming plans to hold our first in-person meeting of volunteers, the 2022 USMS Volunteer Relay, March 4–6 to help local volunteers network, share ideas, collaborate, and motivate each other. A central U.S. location is targeted and will be announced soon. This gathering is designed to enrich the local Masters Swimming experience and will feature a series of workshops and discussion topics with the main theme of club development.

Full details of the Volunteer Relay will be made available once finalized, but we wanted to share the dates with you so you may begin planning your LMSC’s representation at the event. Relay 2022 will be a wonderful opportunity for development, learning, motivation, and helping recruit new local volunteers. 

Below are resources, important updates, in addition to all Relay 2022 information to ensure attendees will be prepared to fully participate. Should you have immediate questions regarding the Relay 2022, please contact Volunteer Services

Communications and Updates

Resources for Attendees