The goal of these calls is to provide an opportunity for volunteers, coaches and instructors to pose questions, get answers, discuss challenges, and share successes as you fulfill your roles. In turn, committees can use the information shared to help build a repository of best practices for each of our coaches, instructor and volunteer positions. 

Mark your calendars for the next educational webinar(s)


Calls are scheduled at 8:00 PM Eastern for one hour and are tentatively scheduled on Thursdays of each month, with the exception of September and December. Registration links will be provided below for each discussion topic. Contact volunteer services for more information. 

National Initiatives

  • May 31 - Vision for the future of U.S. Masters Swimming | Register Here
    • This webinar will go over the board’s new strategic priority of placing greater emphasis on the local experience of our members as well as the structural changes we hope the House of Delegates will consider this year and next.

Volunteer Peer-to-Peer

Sessions on the 1st or 5th Thursday of each month, focused on sharing information with LMSC volunteers filling the same roles.  Each group has the option to sign up for ongoing Relationship Building discussions with other LMSC volunteers around the country.

LMSC Update

Sessions on the 4th Thursday of each month, to recap the happenings of the month and to build community among LMSC leaders around the country.  Each month has a standing agenda to review upcoming volunteer deadlines, webinar schedules, and updates from STREAMLINES for Volunteers and any national committee minutes.  Each month also has a topic selected by the LMSC Development Committee with a different guest speaker each month. 

Coaches Community

Sessions on the 3rd Thursday of each month, focused on building community among coaches across the country. Topics are selected by Coaches Committee with different guest speakers each month.

  • May
    • May 19 - Learn about Try Masters Swimming and Making Your Facility and Workouts Welcoming | Register Here
  • June
    • June 16 - Lap Swimming 101 - building a bridge to Masters from ALTS | Register Here

Adult-Learn-To-Swim (ALTS) Community

Sessions on the 2nd Thursday of each month, focused on building community among ALTS volunteers across the country.  Topics are selected by the ALTS Committee, with different guest speakers each month.

  • Check back soon!

Missed a Topic?

Webinar topics are now more easily accessible in the Meeting Minutes section of by selecting Webinar Presentations and Notes or Webinar Recordings. Previous discussions include:

  • LMSC Update: Focus on managing LMSC finances and spending down LMSC cash reserves 
  • LMSC Update: Focus on More LMSC Great Ideas
  • Volunteer Working Calendar
  • LMSC Grievance Process / National Board of Review
  • Diversity & Inclusion Education
  • Adult Learn-to-Swim (ALTS) Initiatives
  • and more!