USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition

This is an online version of the official Rule Book. If there are any discrepancies between this online version and the printed publication, the online version will take precedence. You can download a PDF version of the Full Rule Book and/or the "Mini" Rule Book.

These are the individual sections of the official Rule Book:

* Section updated since original printed publication

Ordering a Printed Version

Printed versions of the official publication can be purchased from the National Office for $10 per copy for shipping and handling ($6 per copy for a mini Rule Book). USMS will strive to process and fulfill orders as soon as possible. Orders for the 2022 rule book will be available in the beginning of January. If you would like to order a printed version of the rule book, please complete the rule book order form and mail a check to the USMS National Office. If you would like to place a bulk order for an LMSC or have any additional questions, contact the National Office via email.

Rule Book Amendments

USMS considers changes to the USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition on an annual basis in accordance with article 601.2. For more details, review the process overview of submitting proposed amendments.

Competition Policies and Official Rule Interpretations

Official Rule Interpretations and Important Updates

Official Interpretations

Important Updates

Questions about rules?
Please direct any questions to the Rules Committee Chair.

Prior USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition

View available information of prior USMS official Rule Books

FINA Masters Rules

FINA Masters rules are available on FINA's website.